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USAT-sanctioned races What is it and Why?

What is a USAT sanctioned race?

USAT is the USA Triathlon national governing body for the multisport disciplines of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, and winter triathlon in the United States. USA Triathlon is a member federation of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Triathlon Union. Its headquarters are in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

When a race becomes USAT Sanctioned, they must meet the standards of the USAT Olympic governing body and go through a vetting process with USAT. With this comes benefits that make racing safer, more enjoyable, and adds value to the event. Here is a list of some of those items.

1) Ensures the race will meet USAT safety standards

2) The race must meet Fairness standards during a competition

3) Assesses points/rankings to each finisher to compare each year and track

4) Provides an opportunity to qualify for USAT Nationals each year based on placement

5) Grows the sport of triathlon with membership fees collected or one day passes.

6) Provides Insurance for the event

Do I need to be a member to participate in a USAT sanctioned race?

Yes, you need to be an annual member or purchase a one-day pass ($15) for any sanctioned race. One day passes can be purchased at registration, or you can buy an annual pass here:

Is our new Race "Ghost Town" USAT Sanctioned?

Yes, We would like to meet or exceed the standards of each race we produce to give the athlete the safest, most enjoyable experience. Ghost Town will be a great way to get USAT points/Ranking and qualify for nationals in 2022. Sign up here:


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