We recommend going over these maps and learning your course.

Bike Course

The bike course begins as athletes exit in the SW corner of the transition area onto the cobblestone pathway, heading towards Lake Ave.  Athletes will be required to run alongside their bikes on the pathway until they reach the mounting zone on Lake Ave. Riders will continue along Lake Ave as the road follows the perimeter of the lake, with the road eventually turning and heading West towards Mountain View Corridor.  As athletes head West, they will cross train tracks at Grandville Ave. There is a traffic light at the Trax crossing and athletes MUST stop at this intersection at a red light. (The train departs from the nearest trax station approximately every 20 minutes and takes less than 5 seconds to clear the intersection).  Any athlete that crosses through the intersection during a red light will be disqualified from the race. Traffic officers will be assisting at this intersection.


After crossing the train tracks, athletes will continue heading West through Mountain View Corridor and eventually making a left turn at Kitty Hawk Road/Mustang Trail Way.  Athletes will head South on Mustang Trail Way and make a right hand turn on 118th South, heading towards the Kennecott Copper Mine. Heading west on 11800 South, athletes will experience a false flat with a narrow shoulder.  (All athletes are required to ride single file per USAT rules, using caution when passing another rider). Athletes will continue heading West on 11800 South, eventually making a left hand turn on U-111. Shortly after this turn, athletes will have two small hills to conquer.  Once at the top of the second hill, near the mine entrance road, athletes will then experience a long, winding down hill with the road eventually changing to Main Street in Herriman City. As athletes head East on Main Street, they will make a left hand turn on 6000 W. Athletes will continue on 6000 W until they reach 11800 South.  Those athletes doing the Olympic distance, will make a left hand turn on 11800 South, to do a second loop. Those athletes doing the Sprint distance, will continue straight through the intersection onto Mustang Trail Way. Athletes will turn right onto Lake Avenue, heading back East across Mountain View Corridor and across the train tracks. (see note above about the requirement for all athletes to stop at the trax crossing during a red light).  Athletes will continue on Lake Ave back towards the transition area and the bike dismount. There will be an aid station just outside transition before the mount line and at mile 11.5 just before the Olympic loop 2.

Sprint course:  GPX file

Olympic course: GPX file

Sprint Course Strava: 14.2 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava

Olympic Course Strava: 23.3 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava

Bike Course

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Swim Course


Run Course.png

The Run course runs clockwise around Oquirrh Lake. There are aid stations at the start, Miles 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5. Course will be marked with ground arrows.

Transition Area

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